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Origin Of Grinder Sandwich

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The term Grinder can be traced back to the East Coast where during World War I Italian immigrants set up sandwich shops close to the shipyards Their freshly backed Italian rolls were filled with generous amounts of meats and cheeses and were then baked and garnished with lettuce and tomatoes

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  • How did a grinder sandwich get its name Answers

    A submarine sandwich also known as a sub grinder hero hoagie Italian sandwich is a sandwich that consists of an oblong roll often of Italian Spanish or French bread and filled with various

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  • 7 Theories About Where the Word Hoagie Comes From

    May 05 2016 Get yourself a nice fresh hoagie or depending on your place of birth a submarine a torpedo a zeppelin an Italian a hero a grinder a poboy a wedge a spuckie a garibaldi a blimpie

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  • Grinder Definition of Grinder at

    Grinder definition a person or thing that grinds See more

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  • Guinea Grinder Just A Pinch Recipes

    Growing up in Iowa Guinea Grinders were a staple When I moved west folks thought I was talking about a fuzzy little animal But once they ate one they never forgot what it was This is one of my favorite sandwiches and it became one of my husbands too

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  • Italian Grinder Sandwiches Recipe Land OLakes

    What exactly is a grinder Often called hero submarine sandwich hoagie or poor boy these hearty hot sandwiches were originally served on Italian rolls They were once a mainstay of Italian immigrants working in the East Coast shipyards Our sandwich is a

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  • The Regional Italian and Submarine Sandwiches of

    Jan 21 2014 The Regional Italian and Submarine Sandwiches of America New England and New York tomato and cheese sandwich a grinder but changed the name to submarine when the sub yard started ordering 500 sandwiches a day This one is the least likely to New York has to have its greedy little mitts on every fucking sandwich origin story they

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  • Grinder Iowa State Fair Food Amandas Cookin

    Out here a grinder is any sandwich made on a long loaf of bread what is known elsewhere as a sub or hoagie So calling it simply a grinder would give no info as to whats in the sandwich What my barber described was a long loaf of Italian bread stuffed with salami prosciutto other Italian cold cuts provolone cheese and olive oil

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  • The Food Timeline history notessandwiches

    In the late 19th century many American households owned grinders for coffee and meat Special grinders were also made purposely for grinding nuts or its diminutive sub may be used for both the cimple and the elaborate sandwich The origin of the word is selfevidentthe long loaf does roughly resemble an underwater craft It also looks

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  • The History of the Hero Sandwich HowStuffWorks

    Whether you call it a hoagie a grinder or a sub one thing remains the hero is about as American as a sandwich can get In its most traditional form the hero consists of any number of meats Genoa salami mortadella thinly sliced pepperoni capicola prosciutto cheeses provolone is the classic choice veggies nofrills lettuce and tomatoes usually and condiments piled generously

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  • origin of grinder

    Hoagies vs Grinders vs Submarine Sandwiches Houston Hoagies Grinders Subs Cursory online research will tell you that each of these names has a distinct origin with hoagie referring to a type of sandwich that was popular among Italian workers on Hog Island in Pennsylvania get it grinder a slang term for dockworkers who were fans of a

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  • Hoagie food Britannica

    sandwich is also called a hoagie a hero sandwich a poor boy or po boy sandwich an Italian sandwich or a grinder Unlike much of the fast food sold by restaurant chains Subway products are typically not fried and are liberally garnished with fresh vegetables Subway therefore is able to

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  • Grinders Hoagies And Wedges What You Call A Sub Sandwich

    Oct 04 2018 His thoughts on the terms origins echo one somewhatpopular theory as the history is hard to pin down Grinder was a slang term for an ItalianAmerican dockworker A common belief is that subs are harder to chew than a typical sandwich made with softer bread so your teeth have to grind in for a bite Whatever the backstory the

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  • hero Origin and meaning of hero by Online Etymology

    1955 the New York City term for a sandwich elsewhere called submarine grinder poor boy New Orleans or hoagie Philadelphia origin unknown perhaps so called for its great size from hero n1 or a folketymology alteration of Greek gyro as a type of sandwich

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  • Grinder Sandwich Recipes Yummly

    onion salt sandwich steaks french bread garlic powder cooking spray and 4 more Egg Tomato and Scallion Sandwich Skinnytaste light mayonnaise cracked pepper scallions tomato salt hardboiled egg and 1 more

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  • Our History Nardellis Grinder Shoppe

    The consensus on the origin of the sandwich is unanimous The Earl of Sandwich asked his kitchen staff to place a slice of bread on both sides of a piece of meat to facilitate eating on the go The origin of the grinder is somewhat more contentious and both versions have their ardent supporters

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  • The Story of the Sandwich HISTORY

    Aug 22 2018 The sandwich as we know it was popularized in England in 1762 by John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich Legend has it and most food historians agree

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  • The Origin of the Po Boy Sandwich ForknPlate

    Tweet Sub grinder zep but when you get to bayou country its all about the Po Boy The Po Boys Rich History Though a Po Boy is sometimes viewed as a variation on a sub both sandwiches originated in the late 19th century and came about independently of each other

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  • Is There a Difference Between Hoagies Heroes Subs and

    Aug 21 2015 Layer some meat maybe some cheese a spread and your favorite toppings between two slices of bread and youve got yourself a sandwich Swap that bread for a long thick roll the longer the better and youve got something else entirely This isnt just a sandwich its something far greater As for what its called however thats a whole other thing

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  • Grinder Sandwich Company Inc Sandwich Shop

    The Grinders origin is mysterious much like this photo below of the Beatles with a giant grinder Its origin New England It has been said it is a sandwich that sailors would chomp or grind down on the dock before theyd brave the sea

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  • SubmarineStyle Sandwiches History Whats Cooking America

    Some of those names include Submarine Heros Hoagie Grinder Po Boy Rocket Torpedo Dagwood Hero Zepplin and Italian Sandwich These sandwiches are all kingsized on a loaf of bread approximately 12 inches long and 3 inches wide filled

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  • what truly is a grinder the sandwich called that Yahoo

    Oct 28 2007 The history of the grinder dates back to WWI when Italian immigrants set up sandwich shops close to the shipyards along the East Coast and served large subs to the navel yard workers who were grinding off the metal rivets on the ships hence the name grinders

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  • How to Make a Grinder Sandwich

    In any case the origin of the grinder sandwich is normally associated with southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island A classic grinder contains little more than Italian lunch meats provolone cheese and copious amounts of olive oil but modern usage includes any type of sandwich hot or cold served on a grinder

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  • The History of the Hero Sandwich HowStuffWorks

    Whether you call it a hoagie a grinder or a sub one thing remains the hero is about as American as a sandwich can get In its most traditional form the hero consists of any number of meats Genoa salami mortadella thinly sliced pepperoni capicola

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  • Where did the word Grinder come from the sandwich

    Jan 25 2009 Submarine sandwich hoagie grinder all the same to me Word FAQs Word FAQs EtymologyOrigins What is the origin of grinder as in sandwich You might be aware that a substantial sandwich often on an elongated roll of Italian or French bread is referred to by different names in different parts of the US

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  • Whats the origin of the word grinder used for

    Aug 13 2019 The grinder sandwich has been credited to Benedetto Benny Capalbo who might have made the sandwich as early as 1926 at his New York Fruit Store in New London Connecticut Early grinders consisted of salami provolone cheese lettuce tomatoe

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  • Where did the word Grinder come from the sandwich

    Jan 25 2009 Shortly thereafter when it migrated to New England it became known as the grinder supposedly so named because eating this long sandwich required a lot of grinding

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  • Google Answers Origin of the Grinder

    Mar 11 2003 Their Grinder history is printed on the side of their cups and has been confirmed as the proper origin by the relatively well known Sofo family purveyors of fine Italian foods since their immigration to the US from Italy Missy

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